Q: How do we list two drivers on a Mexico car insurance policy? Additional Drivers

A: It is not necessary that every driver of the vehicle be listed on a Mexico Car insurance policy. It is only necessary that the primary driver be listed. This is because Mexico car insurance is a permissive use policy. This means that as long as the driver of the vehicle has permission of the owner, and is of the "same risk profile" they will be covered.

By "same risk profile" we mean that unless in the quote application the insured identifies that there would be a driver under the age of 21, that the driver be older than 21. Also, it means that the driver have a valid non-Mexico Driver's license.

That said, there are some situations when the lienholder will require that the two drivers be listed on the policy. In this case there is a field in the application where additional drivers can be added. If a company needs to be listed, then it too can be listed.



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