Mexico Insurance policies do not renew in a traditional sense, or at least not in the sense that we know it here in the US, since every policy that is issued is a New policy without any connection to previous policies. However, we at Mexpro have made the process of purchasing a new policy easy, and allow you to issue a new Mexpro insurance policy using old information. This means you simply have to open up an old policy, update the dates of coverage, anything that has changed, and new payment information, and you are off and running in minutes.

There are two ways to purchase a new policy. The first is to log in using our customer menu. From there you will be able to access all quotes, and policies associated with your account. By clicking on the policy you wish to renew you will be able to follow the process as described above. To further assist you, we will send you an email 2-4 weeks before your policy expires (or 2 to 4 weeks before you last purchased a policy). That email has a one-time log in that allows you to issue a new policy in minutes.

If you have trouble with any of the issues described above, you can fill our easy RENEW MY POLICY FORM or call us at +1-888-723-4617.

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