Q: The dates on my Mexican Car Insurance policy are wrong! What's the deal?

A: There are two common reasons that we receive this question regarding Dates on a Mexican Car Insurance Policy. The first has to do with the format of the dates. In the US it is common that we input dates using a Month/Day/Year Format. However, in Mexico, and much of the rest of the world this is not the case. Rather they use a Day/Month/Year format. Because the most important people that could be reading your policy are Mexican claims adjustors who will be determining whether or not you have coverage, we chose to use the method used in Mexico. So if you purchased a policy that begins on the first of June you should expect that the policy will read as follows 1/6/20XX.

This brings us to our second reason the dates may be different than what you expect. All of our policies begin at 12:01 AM on the effective date of the policy, unless the policy was purchased on the same day that you plan to enter Mexico, in which case it starts at time of issuance (your policy can't start before you buy it). Your policy ends at 12:01 AM on the date following the expiration date. You have one minute of coverage on the next day of the policy to ensure you have a full day of coverage. So if you need coverage from June 1st to June 6th, your policy actually ends at 12:01 AM on June 7th. So the dates on the policy would be as follows 1/6/20XX - 1/7/20XX for a policy that begins on the first, and is valid all day on the sixth.


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